Nietzsche, Metaphor and Cognitive Science

Angèle Kremer Marietti

Nietzsche’ s particular interests for symbolic processes render him very near to our contemporary philosophers of the mind. One of them, Colin Murray Turbayne explains that now the problem is “of bringing to the surface these extended metaphors submerged or partially submerged in the account of influential metaphysicians of the past”. In the present essay, as in previous ones written in the same spirit, I have tried to examine Nietzsche’ s hidden epistemology which reveals the symbolic processes in the human mind. Indeed, in many texts, and especially in the Philosopher’s book, Nietzsche stated that it was possible to find out a genesis of thought from the point of view of an artistic power selecting the images on the basis of similarity and contrariety. I will present Nietzsche’s
thought on this issue.