International Interdisciplinary conference “Sketch a subculture”

When: February 21-26, 2021
Where: Online

International interdisciplinary conference “Sketch a subculture” is designed to create conditions for a constructive interdisciplinary dialogue of scientists, researchers, experts about subculture.

WHAT exactly do we define as a “subculture”? What do we know about their types of formations, hierarchies, origin and philosophical components? Why is this definition not just a subject of cultural studies, religious studies, philosophy, and other human sciences or sociopolitical disciplines, but requires a holistic and interdisciplinary approach? In other words, we need to find out how “subculture” differs from other concepts. In this distinction, we need the help of fundamental characteristics. Every phenomenon continuously has a set of indispensable traits that allow it to be distinguished from the rest. One way or another, every object, phenomenon and category has a distinctive and individual system of differentiating peculiarities that distinguish one phenomenon from another. What are these attributions, characteristics, signs or parameters in subcultures? The question is open. Equally, the open question relates to the method and methodology of research deserving of a comprehensive interdisciplinary approach.

These and many other questions require innovative approaches and an unbiased dialogue in an understandable scientific language. We invite leading experts, scientists, researchers, practitioners, journalists, photographers, and thinkers ready to support the discussion in the pursuit of truth and scientific patterns of human and social development!

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